I work towards advancing our understanding of water systems through integrating physical processes and statistical computations for quantifying, modeling, and managing complex hydroclimate processes.

My focus is mainly on improving traditional perspectives centered on the applicability of the multi-scale hydrologic systems analysis under three synergistic core areas:

1) Modeling risk associated with natural and built environment exposed to extreme weather events (e.g., floods, rainstorm, hurricanes),
2) Adapting statistical-based decision models for water systems in the face of hydroclimatic variability and change, and
3) Coupling process-based insights with ensemble-based frameworks for climate impact assessment of critical infrastructure systems.

These pathways will help ultimately to reach optimal and/or robust sequential decision-making under uncertainty to address pressing extreme, environmental, and societal problems in water resources managementhydroclimatologysustainability, and natural hazards.

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Nasser Najibi
Postdoctoral Fellow
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853, United States
325 Riley-Robb Hall
E-mail: nn289 <@> cornell {.} edu